What is Service Host Superfetch ?

In many cases, Windows has a bad reputation for prolonged booting time. The earlier versions of Windows, especially Windows Vista, faced a lot of heat from its users about long booting time. Even, Windows XP also had a similar issue.

Repeated complaints from Windows users, made Microsoft give a thought in reducing the booting time. The boot time not only takes time but also degrades the user experience. This thought gave rise to the new service name Service Host Superfetch  which was introduced by Microsoft from Windows Vista onward. The main task of Superfetch is to –

Reduce booting time,Quickly load the apps that are commonly used by the user and Analyze the pattern of usage of the operating system done by the user.

Is High CPU Usage by Service Host Superfetch a Major Issues?

Let’s put it this way, when it comes to Service host, you must know that service host isn’t just a program but it’s a bridge to several different applications that run under them. Hence, that application that you so smoothly use right after switching on your Windows Operating System is because of Service host doing its job.

High CPU Usage

It’s very simple to state that Superfetch is the culprit for your high CPU Usage and low disk space. But give it a thought how many times in a week do you really clear off your junk? Or when was the last time you updated your software instantly after it notified you? Can’t recall right. Know that running a high CPU usage can be due to Service host Superfetch only if you do not take any action in certain situations.

Troubleshoot High CPU usage by Superfetch

Starting by giving you few of the best solution for this issue. But before you get any further with the solutions, make sure you repair the corrupt files.

Disable Service Host Superfetch

  1. Starting with the first one, you have to get to the run file and type service.msc to press enter. You will come across with a list of options, out of which you have to choose Superfetch. Click the option and follow the prompt to find the ‘Disable, select the option to apply the change into your system.
  2. Try to fix the non-pages memory leak. Though even I came across this option for the first time. But after a long twenty-minute research work, I finally understood this could work. Know you have to get to the run dialogue box and type ‘regedit’ which is short for registry editor. You have to locate the service option and change the value data to 4.
  3. Regulate the system file checker. The startup procedure remains the same, you have to get started by getting to run the command by typing ‘cmd’. You can follow the prompts to complete the procedure after which you have to reboot the system to see if the changes worked. If not, you need to get in touch with a professionals.
  4. Killing SVChost. You will have to make sure you are killing the service host process in the task manager to get a stable wifi connection. Though these processes can be complicated you have to stick to the exact solution to get the results. As far as the high CPU storage is concerned. You can be sure that one out of these four solutions will definitely work to solve the issues.


Kindle for Android | How to Download Kindle APK

Kindle for Android

The Amazon Kindle is the best eBook reader for the avid readers. The Kindle service, which is different from the eBook reader devices provides the users with access to millions of eBooks for reading anywhere. The Kindle service comes with the cross-platform support, which means you can run and read the Kindle books on Reader device, Android smartphone, Computer or even the web browser. Amongst all, the Kindle APK is one of the most favorites in the Android smartphone users.

Kindle for AndroidThe Kindle App for Android allows the Amazon users to get access to the Kindle service and download the eBooks. The Kindle app provides the best user experience and the access to millions of eBooks available on the Amazon for you to purchase and read. If you are willing to download Kindle for Android, then you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll learn everything about the Kindle App and get to know the Kindle APK features.

Kindle APK Features

Before proceeding to download Kindle for Android, you should know about all of the features of this fantastic app. Here are some great Kindle App features, which you can access after installing the app on your smartphone.

    Millions of eBooks – The Kindle users can have access to read more than a million eBooks on the app. There are tons of free and premium books you can buy and read anytime on the Kindle App for Android.

    Dictionary – The Kindle app comes with the built-in-dictionary. If you want to know the meaning of any word, then you can seek the answers in the dictionary.

    Reading Mode – The reading mode is the most resembling feature from the Kindle eBook reader devices. With this feature, the readers can turn ON or OFF the dark mode and read without straining the eyes.

    Book Synchronization – If you already bought some books from the Amazon store, then the app will immediately synchronize the same from Amazon library to your smartphone. Also, the synchronization allows you to read the books on any device seamlessly.

How to Download and Install Kindle for Android?

Fortunately, there is no need to download and then install the Kindle APK on your smartphone as the official application is available on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is to open the Google Play Store, search for the Kindle app and press the “Install” button to start the download and installation process. The Google Play Store will do everything for you in the background. There is no need to install the APK file as you are used to doing in some third-party applications.

How to Use Kindle App on Android?

Using the Kindle app on Android is very straightforward. There is no rocket science in using the Kindle app on your smartphone. All you have to do is to open the app, log in with your Amazon account credentials and you are done. That’s all you have to do. Now, let the App synchronise and download your subscribed books from the Amazon servers. If you have not bought any of the books, then head over to the Amazon.com and purchase the Kindle version of the book to start reading in the Kindle app.

Amazon Kindle Support for Android App

You may’ve heard about the Amazon Kindle customer service team for addressing the issues with the Kindle eBook readers. The Kindle support is not limited to the Kindle devices only. The Amazon Kindle support is available for helping their customers in fixing the Kindle app for Android problems. The support from Amazon for all of the Kindle Services is very appreciable as the people may face difficulties in any of the device and platform.

Final Words

Reading books will help you improve your life, and you’ll learn a lot. The Kindle is highly appreciated service by the avid readers for providing the affordable eBooks. If you have no money to buy the original Kindle device, then you can still start the reading books by download the Kindle app on Android.

Download and Install Brother iPrint&Scan Android Application – Guide

Brother iPrint&Scan Android app

The Printers are smarter just like any other electronic equipment. The wireless connectivity is the best addition to the printers and scanners that you should use over the traditional wired method. Almost all of the new Brother Printers and scanners are equipped with the Wireless connectivity option. The Wireless connectivity allows the people to Print and scan document wirelessly from their computer or even the smartphone.

The Brother iPrint&Scan Android application allows the brother printer users to print and scan the documents wirelessly. The documents stored in the smartphone can be sent to the printer over the wireless network, and the printer will automatically print the same for you. In this post, we will discuss Brother iPrint&Scan APK for Android smartphones.

Also learn How to install Brother printer on your own by following simple steps given on our website.

Download Brother Printer Mobile App for Android

The Brother Printer application for wireless scanning and printing the documents comes handy. There is no need to start the computer and then send the document for printing. Instead, you can send the material from the smartphone to the printer and receive the scanned copies on your smartphone. Not just the scanning and printing, the brother iPrint&Scan Android application comes with tons of features. Here are some interesting features you should know about before proceeding to the downloading the Brother iPrint&Scan APK.

Latest Brother iPrint and Scan Features

  • Wireless Printing – The app support wireless printing. You have to connect to the same wireless network your printer is connected to and send the photos, documents and the emails to the printer.
  • Receive Scanned Copies – With this app, you can receive the soft copy of the documents you are scanning. You can directly download the scanned copies and save them in the  PNG or JPEG format in your smartphone.
  • NFC Support – Instead of using the Wi-Fi network, you can make use of the NFC network for wirelessly printing the documents. Just open the app and tap on the NFC patch on your printer to start the printing.
  • Email – You can print the emails and also, directly send the received soft copies from a scanner via the email. This feature works only if you have a third-party email application running on the smartphone.
  • Machine Status – With this app, you can manage the troubleshooting and maintenance. The app shows you the Toner and printer status, printing queue and other technical details of the printer. In the case of overload, you can quickly reduce the printing queue as the preventive major.

How to Download and install iPrint&Scan App on Android?

Instead of using the manual APK installation, you have to opt for the  Play Store installation method. As the official version of this app is available on the Google Play Store, there is no need to download the Brother iPrint and Scan apk from the third-party sites. All you have to do is to open the Google Play Store, Search for the Brother Printer app and tap on the “Install” button to start the download and installation process. That’s all you have to do, and there is nothing more. After installation, open the app and connect to the nearby printer for start printing and scanning the documents and photos.

Final Words

The Brother provides fantastic support for all of their devices. The printers and scanners with the access to Brother iPrint&Scan android app make it easier for everyone to use the devices more efficiently. There is no chance of you facing any difficulties in installing the iPrint app on your smartphone. Even if you do so, then the better option is to pick up your smartphone and dial the Brother Printer Support phone number and ask for technical assistance.

Download HP Scanner Drivers and Required Software

HP Scanner Drivers and Software

The HP scanners need the device drivers to run correctly on the computers. Without the device drivers, the HP scanners won’t work at all. The HP scanner software comes with the device drivers for all of the HP scanners and is used by all of the users. The HP scanner software download is must do a thing after purchasing the device.

The HP Scanner software is the utility for the scanner devices. The users can use this software to install and update the device drivers and manage the scanner device. If you are willing to keep your HP scanner in good condition, then you should download HP scanner software for controlling the scanner health by this software.

HP Scanner Software Features

The scanner software from HP comes with the tons of features. The features in this software are handy for the likes of users who are doing regular scanning works. Here are some standard features you can get access to after downloading the same.

  • Driver Management – This software automatically installs the HP Scanner drivers for Windows. The software recognizes the model number of the connected scanner and then installs the respective device drivers in the background.
  • Secure Printing – The Scanning software is not just limited to the Scanning. But, the software allows the users to print the scanned documents anytime they want. If you have an all-in-one printer, then this feature is beneficial.
  • Scan to Email – The scan to email works with any local email client installed on your computer. You can scan the documents and immediately send the copies to the entered email address within a few seconds.
  • Scan Management – With the software, the users can manage the scanning preferences. You can edit the preferences like the Scanning mode, resolution, colors and others.

HP Scanner Software Download and Installation Guide

The download and installation of this software is not rocket science. The procedure to download and install the software is very simple, and if you follow the steps we are going to mention, then it will complete within a few minutes. Here are the steps to download HP scanner drivers and the software.

  1. First, open your web browser and visit https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers and select the device you own. Select the appropriate version of the Scanner or Printer you own.
  2. After selecting the right device, you’ll be redirected to the software download page. Download the HP Scanner software or the HP Scanner drivers for Windows from that page.
  3. After downloading, double-click on the downloaded file to run the Installation Wizard.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard to complete the Software installation process.
  5. Make sure the printer is connected to your computer while the installation wizard is running.

HP Scanner Software Support

The HP Scanner software may show some errors while using it. First-Time users may face difficulties while using the software and avoiding such annoying errors. That’s why the HP is offering the dedicated HP Scanner software support. The HP Scanner support team is helping thousands of users in fixing the problems and solving their doubts, that too without charging any money. If you are the owner of any HP Scanner device, then you can ask for technical assistance from the HP Scanner Support staff for no money.

Final Words

Using the dedicated software program to manage the HP Scanners is the best thing you can do to take proper care of the device. The HP Scanner software comes with tons of features, which you won’t find in the default Windows scanner assistant or any other third-party scanner software program. Make sure you download HP Scanner drivers and the software for the proper functioning of the device.